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Welcome to the portfolio of Franziska Kabelitz. I am an art historian interested in a wide variety of geographies and ideas. I am completing an MA focusing on Central and South Asian art history. However, I am increasingly interested in contemporary European discourses as well. I hope to continue to PhD-level studies next year.

Currently, I am based between London and Berlin, and enjoy long hikes and painting. Please explore my portfolio below for selected topics I have researched in the past. Here, I cover some of my favourite fields of writing: Reviews, critiques, interviews, as well as assignments from my MA degree.

For a single-page chronological list of selected writings, click here.

Exhibition Reviews
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Documenta Dispatches *
Interviews | Profiles
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Benin Bronzes
Artistic Practice
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MA Project
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Notes on Art History
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I am taking on new projects.

If you have writing, review, cataloguing, editorial or curatorial projects, or just want to say hi, please get in touch. I also always appreciate new reading and podcast suggestions!


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