Documenta Dispatches

A collection of news and thoughts regarding recent events surrounding the fifteenth edition of Documenta. The resources provided below in no way claim to be exhaustive and do not necessarily mirror my personal opinion.

If you come across other articles you find important, please let me know. I am specifically interested in better understanding the Indonesian media’s coverage of the events.

My Writings

Click here for Documenta Fifteen: Art, Antisemitism and the Demands of Historical Knowledge | Short opinion piece featured on the SOAS Blog, July 2022


Click here for Documenta Fifteen’s official website

Click here to listen to lumbung radio

Click here for ruangrupa’s official website

Click here for ruangrupa’s letter from May 7, 2022

Click here for Goethe Institut Indonesia’s coverage of Documenta Fifteen

Click here for the Anne Frank Educational Centre’s discussion of the terms “racism” and “antisemitism”

Click here to access a recording of a panel discussion Antisemitism in the Arts (Antisemitismus in der Kunst) in German with English translation from June 29, 2022

Media Coverage

Click here for selected media coverage in English and here for selected media coverage in German.

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