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Below you find a selection of essays, critiques, and assignments I completed independently or in fulfilment of the coursework requirements for my MA History of Art degree at SOAS, London. Some are longer and include detailed bibliographies, while others are shorter and focus on opinion. When I started my degree, I had never written an academic art historical essay before, and it was a steep learning curve. Surprisingly, I have found critical writing to be one of the areas of writing I have come to enjoy the most. I am always happy for feedback and to engage in discussion, so please let me know your thoughts!


Click here for Documenta Fifteen: Art, Antisemitism and the Demands of Historical Knowledge | Short opinion piece featured on the SOAS Blog, July 2022

Review of Yasser Tabbaa’s The Transformation of Islamic Art during the Sunni Revival (MA Module: Islamic Art and Architecture of the Eastern Mediterranean in the Time of the Crusades)


Research Paper: The Theme of Transmission of Knowledge in Arabic De Materia Medica Translations (MA Module: Arab Painting)

Research Paper: Mediation of the Unseen through a Jali from Ahmedabad, India (MA Module: Islamic Visual Culture)

Exam Excerpt: Connecting Objects – The Prophet’s Night Journey and Ascension (MA Module: Arab Painting)

Annotated Bibliography of Selected Course Readings (MA Module: Discourses on Modern and Contemporary Art of the Middle East)


Summary of Joan Kee’s The World in Plain View: Form in the Service of the Global (MA Module: Contemporary Art and the Global)

Response to Rasheed Araeen’s The Art of Benevolent Racism (MA Module: Contemporary Art and the Global)

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